FTW Big Kicker Ramp
FTW Big Kicker Ramp
FTW Big Kicker Ramp
FTW Big Kicker Ramp
FTW Big Kicker Ramp
FTW Big Kicker Ramp
FTW Big Kicker Ramp

FTW Big Kicker Ramp

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"This is the perfect kicker ramp..." 👊🏼


Also known as the Dennis Enarson "Blaster Ramp", this thing is built for backyards and skateparks, for pro riders and beginners. Hit a portable pro kicker and go big anywhere you want. With this ramp, you are guaranteed to soar with the eagles.

Designed by X-Games champion Colby Raha 🇺🇸

  • No flimsy plastic
  • No rotting wood
  • Smooth 3M grip tape surface
  • The only BMX ramp built strong enough for Pit Bikes and 450fs



Just starting out? You're at the right place, champ. If you're out there riding on cheap plastic ramps watching them explode into pieces in the driveway or trying to build what you see on Nitro Circus out of some nails and 2x4s, this is for you. The MINI KICKER is the perfect ramp for anyone learning how to go big and send it. It's just small enough to not end your life, and still big enough for you to become a neighborhood legend.



Poaching some local spots on your 110? Trying to step up your game at the skatepark? Dope. Throw the BIG KICKER in the back of a truck or backseat of a car and hit those gaps you've been dreaming up. You can easily clear 40ft on this thing, not saying you should try it, just saying we've seen it done.



MINI KICKER fully assembled: 14.5"H x 24"W x 60"L and 55lbs

BIG KICKER fully assembled: 42"H x 24"W x 90"L and 110lbs


The BIG KICKER kit includes the MINI KICKER with a bolt-on extension to form the full-size big kicker ramp.

The GNARFACTORY KICKER RAMPS and FTW KICKER RAMPS are 100% compatible, they connect and bolt on to each other no problem. 

Tools and hardware included.



If you're located outside of the US or have any special shipping requests, just hit us up and we'll make it happen - hey@gnarfactory.com


There are ramps out there that are lighter than ours and ones that can fold in half to fit in a purse, but we don't care... When designing the GNARFACTORY KICKER RAMPS, our goal was to create the strongest portable ramp available at a price that our customers can afford. 

And that's exactly what we did.

Go big.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Cruz MCCaffrey
Big kicker❤️❤️

Ramp has been very fun but the box was ripped and the hardware bag was opened on the small kicker box and i didn’t receive all hardware and I rode the ramp in grass and the rubber feel fell off now the ramp doesn’t sit even

Kyle Schneider
Totally GNARly

Installation was pretty straight forward, super sturdy and well made. Doesn't budge when taking my bike off of it. Perfect for launching my RC car too! The grip tape surface is killer! Look forward to keep on sending it!

Steven Allen
It’s so nice. My son loves it.

I installed a set of rollers on the Two main legs so my son who is 12 can move it around by himself. It’s awesome my son Tank mobs it all around our property,I sent Colby some videos of Tank hit n it thf first day we got it. It’s a great ramp. Good angle of attack. Nice quality. Just a solid Design. Thank u Colby and thank you nar factory for the great ramp.

Tucker Nelson
Great ramp just what I was looking for.

I got the big kicker ramp and it's great. You can remove the taller portion and use just the mini section. The big kicker has a nice transition and it boots you pretty good. The mini ramp is nice and smooth so it's great for beginners.

Jeffrey Hartsough
Big kicker ramp is awesome!

Its hella stout, stable, and hits buttery smooth. Lofty as hell without being too poppy. Best present to myself in a long time.. lol.